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Dinner at Speranza Food Studio

Last night we had the duty and honor (I sound like a friggin’ Marine) to sample Michael Meehan’s fare at the newly opened (we were there on Night Two) Speranza Italian Food Studio in Woodbury. Discussions over name infringement aside (Four Food Studio + Cocktail Lounge in Melville isn’t too happy apparently), suffice to say that “Four” is referred to as “Four,” and so will “Speranza.” Yawn. Anyway, we had a great meal.

How great?

If we were there on a one-visit review, we’d have given them 3 stars; it surpassed our expectations. The service was warm, professionally doting and informed. The atmosphere is hip but also cozy – thanks to sound-proofing and carpeting. Meehan – with an assist from Anthony Trobiano – delivers: highlights include the tuna crudo, warm bread stuffed with broccoli rabe; a Peter Luger-like steak; toasted cavatelli with prosciutto; and swordfish with olive ragu, sweet tomatoes and spinach. Desserts were very strong – we all loved the house made zeppoles and a chocolate-hazelnut mousse. This is a restaurant worth trying IMHO.



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