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November 1, 2011

Don't Get Caught Handing Out Fruit Cake

The holiday season has officially begun (seriously it's here I saw Christmas decorations at the store already).

fruitcakeThe water cooler gossip has changed to people talking about making their lists, and then making dates to go shopping. We know it's coming...dinners with family, cocktail parties with friends, and corporate holiday parties, and let's face it - it isn't easy to find the appropriate gift for every occasion.

Sending flowers when attending a party is always a nice idea, but is it enough? Should you bring a bottle of wine? Is everyone else going to bring a bottle of wine? I always liked the idea of Edible Arrangements, that is until I was at my sister's house when she received one.

"It's was a nice thought," she said with a frown as she tried to rearrange her refrigerator (already crammed with food she was preparing for dinner for twelve). I watched her take out casserole dishes and change the height of several shelves to try to fit the massive display inside without disassembling the gift. "You know she is going to be here tonight and she'll want me to serve it for dessert, but where I am supposed to put it until then?" She certainly couldn't leave fruit dipped in chocolate sitting out all day and expect it to be fresh by the time dessert was served late that evening. I saw her dilemma, and silently vowed never to send a friend an Edible Arrangement - they are obviously the new fruit cake.

Cookies By DesignIt was months later when a colleague at work had a birthday that I was introduced to a solution - Cookies By Design. The cookie bouquet was personalized with her name and a birthday message, and the cookies were absolutely delicious! More importantly, my co-worker was genuinely excited to receive the gift and raved about how much she loved them as she set them on a counter for everyone at the office to enjoy. They were beautifully presented and required NO refrigeration. (We didn't finish them all the first day and they stayed fresh for several days until the bouquet was completely devoured.)

Originally, I would have considered these to be two products to be interchangeable and thought they were very similar. However, after seeing the reaction of someone who received each I realized the error in my initial judgement. If you're looking to send someone a gift this holiday season, I'd recommend skipping the Edible Arrangements and opting for Cookies By Design. The person who receives it won't have to worry about storage, and you'll most likely be invited back next year.

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